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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecacut & various
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 20:20:10 EEST

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Jan Stary wrote:

> -q:1 (one more time for the devices) ----------------------------
> OSS/Free:3.8s2++-971130
> I use one device (/dev/dsp0) for playback and one (/dev/dsp1) for recording, of course,
> but THAT'S what doesn't work.
> `ecasound -f:16,1,44100 -a:1 -i:MonoMonitor.wav -o:/dev/dsp0 -a:2 -i:/dev/dsp1 -o:Rec.wav'
> keeps saying
> "ERROR: [AUDIOIO-OSS] : unable to open OSS-device to O_RDONLY"
> So I still can't playback AND record at the same time. Am I doing something wrong?

Have you tried using plain /dev/dsp for both record-input and
monitor-output? If that doesn't work, it looks like the drivers you
are using don't support full-duplex. I suggest you to try the ALSA

> -q:2 (ecawave cut/paste) --------------------------------------------------
> Anyway, this is what happened: cutting a short sequence out off the wav
> resulted in the end of the wav put in the very beginning and other
> weird things. Details and windowshots are at
> Ecawave also seems to behave strangely if there's not enough room in /tmp.
> It continues processing but the results are weird.

Hmm, this is a bigger issue. I'll put these on the of my ecawave

> -q:3 (multichannel mixing) ------------------------------------------------
> When mixing multiple mono channels to a stereo song, the output is usally clipping.
> so I tried -b:2; it resulted in 2 minutes of "noised silence".

Hmm, can you give me the exact command-lines you are using?

> Is it better to put simple mono effects (such as -ea:) before -erc:1,2
> in this case or is it the same putting them after -erc? (I mean, is "amplify the mono.wav
> to 200% and put the result in both chanels" the same like "make it a stereo and then amplify

There shouldn't be any difference between these methods (well, maybe
slightly better performance with -ea -> -erc).

> Another thing: The output is very quiet, not even as strong as the "source" wavs,
> although they are mixed with -ea:=>100. I have to play it with "-ea:300". Why is that?

Well, mixing is done using the formula: '(in1 + ... + inN) / N'. In other
words, the average amplitude might decrease while mixing. But it shouldn't
happen if all inputs are normalized to peak amplitude level (=reasonably

> -q:4 (XM support) ---------------------------------------------------------
> `ecasound -i:Drums.xm' works fine standalone, but being a line of a multichannel
> mixing script such as

Hmm, this looks like a bug. I'll have to investigate it further.

> -q:5 Does .ewf format supprot mp3's?

Yes. It support all formats (even other ewfs!).

> -q:6 (minor notes)
> In ecasound manpage:
> "Channel indexing is started from 0" is typed twice.
> Also, it doesn't seem to be true. If I used "-erc:0,1" in the scipts

Arrgghh, this is wrong. Good that you noticed this! All user-visible
ecasound indices start from 1.

> -o: "... if no no outputs are specified ..."
> -etf: "... delayd version is goes to the right."

Thanks, fixed.

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 . audio software for linux ... 		 .
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