Re: [ecasound] General Questions

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] General Questions
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 00:27:09 EET

On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Shawn Rhoads wrote:

> BTW, I have to fix about 5 header files where the #include
> ecasound/something.h moved to #include qtlibecasound/something.h. Minor
> issue, but I'm a developer. I built from the .tar.gz file.

Hmm, can you give one example? I've tried to arrange the makefiles so,
that all internal includes are form #include "file.h" ... External
packages (for instance ecawave) use syntax #include <ecasound/file.h>.

> The intro console examples are clear enough, but the QT (graphical
> application) is going to take some thought to use. (IE learning curve
> is over 5 minutes...)

Yes, qtecasound still needs a lot of work. I'm currently working on
libqtecasound which will offer generic GUI components for using
libecasound objects. This will result in big improvements to both
qtecasound and ecawave. The biggest problem with qtecasound is
finding a good balance of generality and usability. A certain GUI
environment is good for mixing, while multitrack recording needs
another kind of GUI, ..., then there's simple playback situations
and single-source effect processing... etc.

> Can ecasound integrate .MOD and .XM files to songs?

Hasn't been widely tested, but should work ok.

> Is there a windows equavilant to ecasound?

As far as I know, no.

> Are there plans for a graphical GUI? (Something that looks like the
> hardware equavilant to multi-track recorder?)

Well, I'm working on qtecasound, ecawave and libqtecasound. Janne
Halttunen is working on gteca - a more multitrack oriented
GTK-based user-interface. See ...
If you're interested in imitations of hardware interfaces, you should
see ... And
also, (it's a new hd-recorder by
Paul-Barton Davis, author of Quasimodo, Softwerk and Xphat).

And of course, you can write one yourself. ;) Writing audio apps using
libecasound is really easy. Just look at the source code of ecasound,
qtecasound, ecawave etc. All audio functionality is taken from libecasound,
and thus you only need to worry about the user-interface.

> Can ecasound record/operate/mix MIDI and keep it in sync with the
> "sound" recording?

Currently no. I want to avoid reinventing the wheel us much as possible,
and from this perspective, adding support for MIDI-sequencing isn't very
tempting. On the other hand, it would be interesting to make ecasound
MIDI-controllable. Once the Linux MIDI-scene starts to stabilize (ALSA
sequencer API, jMax, MidiShare, Brahms), I'll look into this.

Kai Vehmanen <> -------- CS, University of Turku, Finland
 . - linux multitrack audio processing
 . - ambient-idm-rock-... mp3/ra/wav

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