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Subject: [ecasound] Please remove me from the e-mail list
From: boudris (boudris@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 04:30:49 EET

At 07:48 μμ 29/2/2000 -0800, you wrote:

Thanks for your reply.  I seem to have everything working very well when
playing single mono or stereo mp3 files.   I have now set up the input
and output channel counts correctly. 

However, when I try to play two mono mp3's together or a stereo mp3 and
a mono mp3 together, things go awry.

#1 (one mono/one stereo):

ecasound -a:0 -f:16,1,44100 -i mono.mp3 -erc:1,2 -ea:100 -epp:100 \
        -a:1 -f:16,2,44100 -i stereo.mp3 -ea:100 -epp:50 \
        -a:0,1 -f:16,2,44100 -o /dev/dsp1

#2 (two mono files): 

ecasound -a:0 -f:16,1,44100 -i mono1.mp3 -erc:1,2 -ea:100 -epp:50 \
        -a:1 -f:16,1,44100 -i mono2.mp3 -erc:1,2 -ea:100 -epp:50 \
        -a:0,1 -f:16,2,44100 -o /dev/dsp1

For #2, the playback is all left even though I have panned both mono
files center (panning works fine with each chain by itself).

For #1, the mono playback is missing and the stereo playback has some
erroneous doubling (but is panned properly).  I can hear the mono file
when I pan it back to center (but it plays full left).

I don't see why I can't assign the output channel count for both chains
in #1 and #2 simultaneously, as they are going to the same place
(/dev/dsp1).   I don't see another way.

Btw, the following works fine for two stereo files (panned hard left and

ecasound -a:0 -f:16,2,44100 -i stereo1.mp3 -ea:100 -epp:0 \
        -a:1 -f:16,2,44100 -i stereo2.mp3 -ea:100 -epp:100 \
        -a:0,1 -f:16,2,44100 -o /dev/dsp1




Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Now when you start processing...:
> channel         input-mp3 ->    chain-0 ->      output-dsp1
> 0-left          read            process         write
> 1-right         -               process         -

Neil E. Klepeis, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley, USA
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