Re: [ecasound] tracking with ecasound 1.6.12

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] tracking with ecasound 1.6.12
From: Neil E. Klepeis (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 22:29:45 EET

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> > Neil Klepeis wrote:
> > 2. I am having a lot of trouble getting clean tracks when multitracking
> > (e.g., playing 2 or three sound files, and recording another from a
> > sound card). There appear a lot of clicks and pops during the tracks
> > even though the first 20-30 seconds may sound perfect. Sometimes I
> Hmm, what kernel are you using, have you enable DMA-mode for your
> harddisks, what sound card drivers (OSS/ALSA, what card)?

Kernel is 2.2.12; w/commercial OSS drivers; Ensoniq AudioPCI 97 and
AWE64. Drive: I am using an IBM SCSI LVD drive with an Adaptec
AHA-2490U2W adapter.

The last time I tracked drums to the AudioPCI and guitar to the AWE64
and noticed a lot of clicks and pops on playback (not during record).
Is there some issue between the cards. Why is it good in the beginning
but then gets bad (see next response). Am I forced to just use a single
card at a time when multitracking? [I don't think I had any, or as
many, problems using a single card, but I'll recheck]

> -b:64 is quite small. It works fine on some hardware, but not all.
> I often use -b:128 myself. Btw; if you play the recorded tracks
> independently, do you here the clicks?

The first 30 sec or so of the tracks are fine, but, even when files are
played independently, clicks and pops show up later on.

> --- track.ewf --
> source = some_track.wav
> offset = 20.000000
> length = 25.000000
> looping = true
> start-position = 9.500000
> --cut--
> Then you can use it like any other input: "ecasound -i track.ewf -o
> /dev/dsp". With the above configuration, ecasound will start using
> 'some_track.wav' when position 20sec is reached. Then ecasound
> seeks to position 9.5sec (inside some_track.wav) and starts reading
> audio data. After 25secs it'll loop back to 9.5sec inside the audio
> file.

Very nice.

>Jeremy wrote:
>I have noticed that recording a wav file, then encoding it with lame, then
>playing both at the same time with ecasound seems to induce a 75
>milisecond delay for the mp3 file, in fact, the decoded version of the wav
>file is larger than the original file, I'm not certain I fully understand

I have similar problems: When I record directly to mp3 using ecasound
(one file only), it comes out very nice (both record and playback go
smoothly). But when I record to wav first and then encode manually with
lame (ie, without using ecasound), ecasound cannot play the resulting
mp3. The mp3 also has some funny phase-cancelling effects or something
(played back all by itself with mpg123 or XMMS). I hear echos,
schwooshing, and pitch-changing effects (not what I want!). These do
not appear to be present in the mp3 when recorded directly using
ecasound (at least I can't hear them).

Thanks Jeremy and Kai,


Neil E. Klepeis, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley, USA

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