Re: [ecasound] tracking with ecasound 1.6.12

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] tracking with ecasound 1.6.12
From: Jeremy Hall (jhall@UU.NET )
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 16:08:07 EET


In the new year, Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Jeremy Hall wrote:
> > I have had discussions about larger buffers making the delay noticable,
> > she suggests the delay is not that noticable. Try -b:128 and see if your
> Ahem, still a boy the last time I checked. ;)
sorry :)

> > I have noticed that recording a wav file, then encoding it with lame, then
> > playing both at the same time with ecasound seems to induce a 75
> > milisecond delay for the mp3 file, in fact, the decoded version of the wav
> > file is larger than the original file, I'm not certain I fully understand
> > that.
> Hmm, someone was using mpg123/lame for de/encoding individual module
> samples and he reported similar problems. The decoding/encoding process
> seems to add sample data. I'll check the ST-list archives for this.
> > yea, the -t and tl options haven't yielded good results for me either, in
> > fact they mostly confuse me. There isn't a really intuitive way to rid of
> > them in the console interactive mode, nor is there a way to fix the k
> > controllers...or maybe I have missed some option in ecasound-iam
> [...]
> > We need a c-help, cs-help, aio-help, etc. command.
> Yep, I admit that ecasound documentation isn't as detailed as it could be.
> My current aim is to keep documentation always up-to-date. To do this,
> I have to keep it short.
> Anyway, to understand -t and -tl, you need know how ecasound handles file
> positions. When ecasound's engine is launched, all inputs and outputs
> have already been opened. You might have modified their start positions
> with -y:secs. Now ecasound stores the current starting position for all
> inputs and outputs. Then it processes for -t:seconds. If looping is
ah, makes sense.

also ecasound seems to open all inputs then promptly close them. This is
somewhat annoying if you're trying to feed it a named pipe. One has to
write something like this to get around it.

(mrec >/tmp/in.raw) >&/dev/null
goto loop

Can anything be done about this?

> enabled with -tl, it'll reposition all inputs/outputs with the saved
> original start positions and continues processing.
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