Re: [ecasound] GtkUI & misc. stuff

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] GtkUI & misc. stuff
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 23:44:11 EET

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Janne Halttunen wrote:

> I've been putting together a Gtk-interface for ecasound, you can
> take a look at a screenshot:
> It is coded in python with James Henstridge's pygtk-bindings and
> libglade. If anyone's interested in this kind of approach, mail me.

Hey, looks really nice! ;)

> I have AMD 200Mhz and GUSPnP soundcard with the latest
> ALSA-drivers. I run ecasound (v1.6.9r9) as root with -r option, and
> still I can't get it to play a monitor-track when recording without
> overruns. What's this deal with over/underruns all about? I believe

This is actually a very old ALSA-related bug mentioned in ecasound's
BUGS file. I've been waiting for the new ALSA 0.5.0 to be released.
It has a new pcm-API, so I'll have rewrite much of the ALSA code.
While doing that, I'll also try to fix this, admitedly annoying, bug.
The problem is with starting processing. Once started, no more
over/underruns. This doesn't happen with OSS drivers.

> Are there any plans on having looping inputs in ecasound? What I
> mean is for example a drumloop, say 5 seconds long, would play
> infinitely until stopped. Wouldn't that be a nice diskspacesaver in
> addition to ewf?

Ecasound supports (global) looping (-t:time, -tl and -y), but I guess
this isn't enough. However, adding these to ewf should be quite an
easy task. Once I get ecawave out of my hands, I'll work on this
(next month).

Kai Vehmanen <> -------- CS, University of Turku, Finland
 . - linux audio processing
 . - ambient-idm-rock-... mp3/ra/wav

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