Re: [ecasound] re: qtecasound not compiling

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] re: qtecasound not compiling
From: Vadim Tkachenko (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 03:36:36 EET

According to Kai Vehmanen:

> > Since I know now that there *is* main() in libqt, the simpler thing will
> > be just AC_HAVE_LIB ;)
> Ah, but referring to autoconf's manual: "This (AC_HAVE_LIB) macro is
> considered obsolete." ;)

My gaffe, didn't read the paragraph to the end ;)

> > Another question (I'm checking that right now), it seems to me that it's
> > not possible to configure and make ecasound not as root, why?
> Well, no particular reason. I use ecasound as a root myself and, well,
> that's pretty much it. Hmm, what's causing problems?

Nothing except the funny fact that 'make all' tries to do the thing that
belongs to 'make install'. I'll look into that further, I don't get the
reason for such behavior so far.

> >> Well, I really want to do this, but unfortunately I just haven't had
> >> the time. Currently most of my free time goes to developing ecawave
> > Takes 15 minutes, including making coffee ;)
> Yes, I guess you're right. If I had a 24h net connection, I would have
> probably already done it.

Oh sheesh, I didn't realize that.

> My current a 14.4k modem connection is really slowing down my net
> projects...;)

Almost the same, 24K though 24x7 schedule. No cable, no ADSL, no chance -
farmhouse, rural area :(

> Oh well, I'll ask SEUL people about the CVS.
> > Now, here's a patch, feel free to do whatever you want with it (it's
> > against 1.6.9r9):
> Thanks, this is more user-friendly. And as I mentioned before,
> AC_CHECK_LIB is now obsolete ...

You understand the stuff much better, so be it ;)

> Kai Vehmanen


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