Re: [ecasound] using mpg123 and lame

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] using mpg123 and lame
From: Evan Langlois (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 20:41:54 EET

Anyone tried using gogo with ecasound instead? Its
based on LAME, but replaces some key parts with hand
optimized assembler - supporting Pentium, Pentium
Pro/II optimizations if you have them, it will use MMX
instructions if you have them, and even 3Dnow for AMD
processors, SSE for PIII, and enhanced 3Dnow for
Athlon. It can actually mp3 compress with exceptional
quality (best I've seen) at speeds faster than you can
play the wav. I can rip from a CD and mpeg compress
it at the same time faster than you can play it even
on slower machines. Also an option to make a slightly
lower quality mp3 (but same bitrate) at exceptionally
faster speeds.

Since its based on LAME it may be worthwhile to look
into and the command line options are identicle. As
far as I know, when new versions of LAME are released,
gogo is also modified - as its normally distributed as
a patch against LAME.

I really wanna see something that uses the emu10k
processor on my SB-Live to do the mp3 compression
though. The technology of sound cards are quickly
surpassing what our APIs can support. Hmmm ... maybe
there is a project there ...

-- Evan

--- Jeremy Hall <> wrote:
> well I since have found .59r and things got a LOT
> better.
> Later versions of lame are improving both speed and
> efficiency, so you
> might want to look at the newer versions.

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