[ecasound] development release: 1.6.0d6

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 1.6.0d6
From: Kai Vehmanen (kaiv@wakkanet.fi)
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 10:49:05 EET

Ok, here's the first development version of 1.6.x. As there have been
many big changes, be prepared for bugs and unimplemented/undocumented
features! If you want to help in debugging, see ecasound FAQ q&a 1.3.

Changes since last development release:

081199 (v1.6.0d6)
        - added: iactive mode now uses GNU readline for user input
                 - command-line editing, command history and command
                 completion (use .inputrc for configuring)
        - added: 30-40 new interactive-mode commands
        - added: ecasound-iam(1) manual page - interactive mode
        - added: ecasound user's guide and programmer's guide
        - added: 'default-to-precise-sample-rates' to ecasoundrc -
                 whether to ignore sample rate differences (and
                 possibly avoid resampling), affects OSS-devices,
                 defaults to 'false'
        - added: -z:psr option (see above)
        - changed: reimplemented signal handling using POSIX
                   signal handlers (ANSI interface was used before)
        - changed: divided all the bigger modules into smaller
                   classes and files (these big modules were
                   causing lots of compiler and resource problems)
        - changed: major internal changes (multichannel chain operators,
                   improved mixing algorithms, etc)
        - changed: rewritten mp3-support (still using mpg123 and lame)
        - changed: lots of changes in handling external resources
                   (wave and text editors, mpg123 and lame parameters,
                    etc.) - see 'man ecasoundrc'
        - removed: looping (interactive-mode loop commands)
        - removed: 'sfx' command (iactive-mode)
011099 (v1.5.16d6)
        - added: changes and additions to libecasound interface are
                 from now on logged to libecasound/ChangeLog
        - fixed: errors in -kf documentation
270999 (v1.5.15d6)
        - changed: optimized various engine and effect routines
                   to improve ecasound's performance with
                   complex setups
        - fixed: "-ev" max-amplitude wasn't reseted
        - fixed: some finetuning of ALSA buffer handling
210999 (v1.5.14d6)
        - notice: from now on development versions will be marked
                  with a 'd' in the version number
        - added: configure check for libdl library
        - added: "-eac:amp-%,channel" channel amplify
        - changed: "-ea" to "-eaw", amplify with clipping control
        - changed: "-eas" to "-ea", normal amplify

Kai Vehmanen <kaiv@wakkanet.fi> -------- CS, University of Turku, Finland
 . http://www.wakkanet.fi/ecasound/ - linux audio processing
 . http://www.wakkanet.fi/sculpscape/ - ambient-idm-rock-... mp3/ra/wav
 . http://www.wakkanet.fi/kerttulin_listat/ - music&movies (in Finnish)

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