[ecasound] time-delay and down-mixing

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Subject: [ecasound] time-delay and down-mixing
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 20:25:32 EET

My band (http://gamh.cx) started using ecasound last night. It worked well, but
there were a couple of features that we really missed.

The first thing we realized was that all the tracks in a song have to start
from the beginning. So if we add a 1-second sample to a song, it has to be
padded with silence? This doesn't make a lot of sense. Interactive mode allows
you to move around within a file, but it doesn't seem to allow you to dump a
certain section to a sound file (other than by printing to stdout, re-directed
into a file, or capturing it with ALSA).

What we really want to do is to be able to focus on one section of a song and
record tracks for just that section. So, for instance, we could have percussion
and guitar tracks that go through the whole song, but record each verse as a
separate sample. Basically, we need to have chains that start somewhere later
in the song.

The second thing we really missed was downmixing. When we're mixing stuff to
see how it sounds, we don't really care if it's CD quality. It would be nice to
be able to a bunch of take mono, 16-bit, 44100kHz .wavs and turn them into a
22050kHz output, or even an 8-bit, 11025kHz output if we had a really slow CPU.

The way we would like to record is:

- Interactively move around the full mix of the song to find out which section
of the song we want to record along with. Ideally, ecasound would pick the best
sampling rate that it could mix at without skipping.

- Dump the section to a .wav. If we're in a hurry, we could make a low-quality
.wav, since we're just mixing against it.

- Do a full-duplex recording of the new track along with the .wav. Handling
only two tracks would hopefully reduce the probability of skipping.

- Add the new track to the song and repeat.

So I was wondering:
1) Are these features in fact implemented, and we just missed them?
For instance, is the -etd effect smarter than we thought?
2) Are you planning to include these features soon?
3) If not, I wouldn't mind implementing them myself (I'm a reasonably competent
programmer). Should I start from the latest development version, or is the
latest stable version close enough?
4) Do you want me to work closely with you on this, or just fork off a new
version which will be eventually merged back into ecasound?



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