Re: [ecasound] Samplerate fascism?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Samplerate fascism?
From: Arto Hamara (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 15:45:05 EET

Kai Vehmanen <> writes:

>> > Ecasound really should lighten up when it comes to checking
> > samplerates. After a long while of pondering I found out that my new
> > card (sb pci128) actually _does_ work, but supports samplerates one
> > lower than standard (ie. 44099, 22049 etc), which ecasound happily
> > flunks as not being worth its output.
> Hmm, if I understood right, pci128's 44099 does still mean 44100...?
> I hope other soundcard manufactures don't have similar habits
> (of course 12345 means 22050 samples per second! :)) Of course you

OSS Programmer's Manual states:

   Codec devices usually generate the sampling clock by dividing
   frequency of a high speed crystal oscillator. In this way it is not
   possible to generate all possible frequencies in the valid range. For
   this reason the driver always computes the valid frequency which is
   closest to the requested one and returns it to the calling program.
   The application should check the returned frequency and to compare it
* with the requested one. Differences of few percents should be ignored
* since they are usually not audible.

So there. (OSS Program of the Month, alright ;))

> could set the internal sample rate to 44099, but I don't know how
> useful the resulting 44099 samples/sec wav files are. ;)

Well, I was just trying to listen to mp3s, so that wouldn't be a problem.
However, something tells me resampling just because of that one 1/s
would be less than optimal thing to do. =)

> Well, yesterday I spent the whole day working on ecasound and eventually
> got it to compile... but as expected: no sound. Aarggh! It appears
> to work normally, but something in the signal chain mutes everything

Hey, kinda like my soundcard. =)

,' Arto Hamara * * ,-'

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