Re: [ecasound] The great hyphen war (Was: 1.6.x development info)

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] The great hyphen war (Was: 1.6.x development info)
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 19:39:19 EEST

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> > It could be a good idea to use hyphens instead of underlines in
> > command names, so we wouldn't waste those precious microsecs
> > pressing shift.
> Hey, you have two hands, right? ;) Seriously, I tend to prefer

Oh, you don't care about portability, then? =)

> underlines. In many places, hyphens can't be used to replace
> whitespace (C/C++ routine names!). And also, command line arguments
> always start with a hyphen... Oh well, I'll think about this. ;)

Scheme uses hyphens in routine names, so it's not unheard of. As of
cmdline args, I don't think they would pose a problem, since no
command would _start_ with a hyphen.

Well, maybe this is not a top priority issue. Besides, those underlines
*do* look somewhat better. Could we have both?

> >> cop_select 2 // - select chainop's 2nd parameter
> >> cop_set 500 // - change parameter value to 500
> > `cop-set 2, 500' and the like might be nice.
> There are two issues involved: 1) Does one line of input equal
> to one command? Currently you can "pipe" command-pairs, but I guess

I don't see any problems here, as long as you don't use command as
pipe separator.

> this isn't very useful. 2) Where to draw the line? I might as well
> add commands like ...
> cop_set 2,1,4,2,500
> ... which will affect the 2nd chainsetup, its 1st chain, the
> 4th chain operator, its 2nd parameter and change the value to 500.
> Not very handy. ;) But I guess 'cop_set 2,500' would be a reasonable
> shortcut.

But it *is* handy. Compare it to:
        cs_select 2
        c_select 1
        co_select 4
        cop_select 2
        cop_set 500

Of course these two aren't exclusive. I meant that the "actual" command
would be `cop_set cs,c,co,cop,value', but arguments could be omitted
from the front on. Eg. `cop_set 4,2,500' would use currently selected
chainsetup and chain.

> Well, there's a small logical problem. Users look at ecasound's
> manual and there's "cop_remove", "cop_set", "cop_add_controller", but
> hey, where's "cop_add"!??! Using "-ea:300", "-ec:300,0.2" directly
> would be handy, but not very intuitive. Hmm, but I guess we could
> have them both. "cop_add -efl:400" and "-efl:400" would do the same
> thing. This sounds like a good compromise.

Hmm, seems I have expressed myself pretty poorly again. This "compromise"
is just what meant. So I guess I can settle for that. =)
After all, removing cop_add would be illogical, so we couldn't export
ecasound to the planet Vulcan. =)

,' Arto Hamara * * ,-'

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