Re: [ecasound] regions, gate, looping, etc

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] regions, gate, looping, etc
From: Jeremy Hall ( )
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 09:13:04 EEST

Kai Vehmanen said:
> Here's a few new features I might add to 1.6.x. Which of these
> do you find useful useful (must have, good to have or waste
> of time...?):

> - input and output regions

based on other discussions, this regions thing seems to be a requirement
for what I am wanting to do, so this would be a CRIT

> - a "masking" feature which can be used to select a specific
> region
> - this region will be used for input and output instead
> of the actual input/output object

ah, so this means you could feed the output of a chane into the input of
another chane? hmm HIGH

> - cut, paste, ... etc


> - looping
> - not yet sure how to actually implement this


> - effect/chainop gates
> - every effect/chainop could have a controlling gate
> - effect/chainop is enabled when gate opens (timer gate,
> signal level, etc) and disabled when gate closes


> - chain gates
> - same as above, but gate enables/disables the whole chain
> (easier to implement)


> - independent chains
> - chain's "current position" could be changed indepently
> from other chains (currently impossible)

hmmm maybe I should reevaluate my rating scheme. :)

It says in 1.5, we support external editors for wav form editors as well
as editing chain files. How do we do that? would be nice to be able to
spawn a shell from ecasound (with a security option that whines so the
secure people can turn it off)

> PS List of other planned features is at:
Whatis an all pass filter?

whatis generic envelope followers?

whatis SOM?

what are plugins? external processers?

would like to see a scripting language, probably available on 1.7 when we
have metranome and time sync

would like to see fader effects, should be easily put in place since the
functionality exists for the mono gate

the ability to change effect parameters inline without needing to load a
new chain setup file

the ability to start running when a chain file is loaded automatically

the ability to load the new effects for the new setup, then "hot cut"
between the setups

add an effect that spews hords of data about the FFT so you can determine
what frequency range you want to block to remove unwanted garbage. This
should be accompanied by a threshold that is setable to mark how loud the
noise needs to be before it is reported.

not sure if this is possible, but a "sounds like" filter. In this case,
you can feed a fft into some effect that spews out the correct bits to
take this signal out of some other fft. This would likely be
sophisticated and would eat lots of cpu cycles. I don't want it rotated
out of phase, I want it GONE.

 consistent annoyances:

when applying an effect, the amplitude seems to change on the other side,
for example, when applying a band reject filter, the amplitude seems to
get louder, so you manually have to apply a eas effect to turn it down a
bit. What would be nice is if you could have an effect set that in
essence brutally compresses the signal then gives it to you at max
amplitude--this would be used for testing effects, probably not in
production recording.

In release 12, the ev counters for max amplitude do not seem to change
even after typing es for effect status. This makes it a bit hard to
realtime set the amplitude of an input.

I'm sure I will come up with more "wishes" for you, I am merely looking at
this from a user perspective, not necessarily a coding perspective.

Hope this is helpful.


> --
> Kai Vehmanen <> -------- CS, University of Turku, Finland
> . - linux audio processing
> . - ambient-idm-rock-... mp3/ra/wav

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