Re: [ecasound] Cutting with ecasound?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Cutting with ecasound?
From: Jeremy Hall ( )
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 15:11:37 EEST

We need a better way of doing this than seconds=integers

My thoughts were that you could do:

set units=hours:minutes:seconds:sectors

now the parser expects 23:31:13:70 (for almost 14)

so like
set pos=0:0:0:0

means start at the beginning

set pos=150

same as typing set pos=2:0 (remember that there are 75 sectors (2352
bytes) in a second)

A mode should be invented so that merging audio does not result in a snap
where the two wave forms meet. I can get better precision with dd now
than ecasound, and I'd like to fix that--I don't really like having to
write down sector offsets into a file to clip out some data.

units could be hours, minutes, seconds, sectors, blocks, or samples.

The user could type

set units=hours,minutes,seconds,sectors,samples

now he can separate with a comma rather than a colon if he chooses. a .
character is an invalid separator because it would be confusing.

If sectors is used, warnings should exist if data does not make a sector
boundary, but sectors are not fine enough in precision if you are trying
to edit, thus the need for blocks or samples. blocks=588 bytes, giving you
4 times as many sectors per second. Maybe you could say something like

set bs=4sectors that way you can set the grandularity how you want it.

just a thought.


Kai Vehmanen said:
> On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Mario Lang wrote:
> > Can I do extracting of time-pieces with ecasound
> > something like:
> > ecasound -a:1 -i -start:0,3,18 -stop:1,56,40 somefile.wav
> [...]
> > Is something planned?
> Currently no. Gates can be used to select signal ranges, but
> they won't alter signal length (when gate is closed, signal gets
> muted).
> Anyway, this feature will definitely be added to 1.6.x (if not
> earlier). The hard part once again is designing a usable
> interface. With only one chain, the above works nicely, but with
> more complex setups it gets harder. I've been thinking about
> supporting this through regions. You could define separate regions
> for different chains. In addition to cutting certain ranges, these
> could also be used to trigger effects (turn on filtering at
> 01:10:15 and disable it 10 seconds later ... etc).
> --
> Kai Vehmanen (
> Webmaster, Wakkanet Oy

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