Re: [ecasound] reverbs

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] reverbs
From: Vadim Tkachenko (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 02:15:46 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Vadim Tkachenko wrote:
> > Since there's no simple way to work with MIDI port on Linux (known to
> > me, that is), I was trying to come up with some primitive language
> > syntax easily understandable and easily parseable. To use C[++] would be
> > an overkill here, but shell/perl script would do just fine, I guess.
> This shouldn't be too difficult. You just compose a MIDI message
> according to the device's MIDI-specs and write these bytes to the
> raw MIDI-device and that's all. The hard part is designing a good
> user interface. A primitive script language might just handle
> a text-symbols->byte-stream conversion.

Provided I can do it, which I don't ;-) Been doing nothing but Java and
autoconf/automake/related for last several years. I was never a
performance freak, due to my mindset (which is a reliability freak), so
I'm not the right man for that job.

> > The absolutely magnificent feature would've been the conversion from the
> > parameter systems used by commercial hardware like GT-3, GT-5, but that
> > might violate someone's copyrights - I'm no legal expert.
> Hmm, conversion to what? As long as you just send raw MIDI-messages,
> I don't think there will be any legal problems.

That's not about MIDI. Below is an example of my pseudocode to record
the settings for GT-3, but other devices might have a different
parameter set for the effects. Probably, a MIB-like structure (MIB is
like in SNMP) will be appropriate.

btw, whoever's got the box, try this out ;-) Name is "Thunder" (similar
to the lead in PF's "Wish you were here", track 1).

    FX SELECT: Pickup Simulator;
    Type: 'S' to 'H';
    Tone: -50;
    Level: 100;

    FX SELECT: Limiter;
    Threshold: 60;
    Release: 20;
    Tone: 0;
    Level: 25;

    Preamp {
        Type: Clean TWIN;
        Volume: 50;
        Bass: 50;
        Middle: 50;
        Treble: 50;
        Presense: 100;
        Master: 50;
        Bright: Off;
        Gain: Middle;
    SP Simulator {
        Mic. Set.: 10cm;
        Mic. Level: 100;
        Direct Level: 0;

    Mode: Stereo;
    Rate: 40;
    Depth: 50;
    Pre Delay: 40.0ms;
    High Cut: Flat;
    Effect Level: 80;

    Type: Hall 1;
    Rev Time: 5.0s;
    Pre Delay: 100ms;
    Low Cut: 55.0Hz;
    High Cut: Flat;
    Density: 0;
    Effect Level: 40;

> Kai Vehmanen


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