Re: [ecasound] reverbs

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] reverbs
From: Jeremy Hall ( )
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 22:29:32 EEST

If one could isolate the reverb signal, one could possibly apply a
compresser or maybe a gate to crop the tops off the attack.

of course I'm not certain this would produce the effect desired.

Does the band filter (efb) work correctly?

Some of the other band filters produce squealing noises. You'd think that
the combination

-efs:440,6000 -efr:440,6000
-efb:440,6000 -efr:440,6000

would produce silence. They don't. I seem to misunderstand the cutoff
filters, because I seem to hear pitches in the red zone but distant--am I
hearing harmonics in the green zone?


Kai Vehmanen said:
> On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Jeremy Hall wrote:
> > Now I am seeing the reverb (etr) effect is rather sharp, it is like a
> > mountaintop, and I want a hall or cave. What options could be used to get
> > this?
> Well, like many other ecasound's effects, reverb is really
> simple. My todo-list is getting bigger every day, but I'll
> try to find some time for adding a couple of new effects
> (allpass filter, reverb based on Schroeder's designs,
> phaser, flanger).
> There's just so much to do. One reason why I like to keep
> effects simple is that it makes easier to combine them. For
> instance, you might be able to simulate common reverb sounds by
> putting your input signal through multiple chains and use
> reverb, delay, filters and amplify effects to shape the
> sound.
> The hard part is to find a good combination of effects and
> parameters. This is why I find it so important to support effect
> presets. If you manage to find a good effect combination,
> just save it to /usr/local/share/singlechain_effect_presets
> or (in the future) .../multichain_effect_presets ... And of
> course, if you these send these presets to me, I can
> include them to the ecasound distribution package! Contributions
> are very welcome! As you might have noticed, there are now just
> a few test presests in the 'singlechain_effect_presets' file
> that comes with ecasound.
> --
> Kai Vehmanen ----------------------------- CS, University of Turku, Finland
> : email
> : audio processing for linux
> : my music (ambient-idm-rock-...mp3/ra)

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